Chapter 14: Marcellus Ball

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Chapter 14: Marcellus Ball

Marcellus found renewed confidence in his late twenties, here at the theater, in the arms of many a willing actress. He was no longer shy, was described as charismatic and charming and handsome. But in his heart, he was always that skinny nerd and ever would be.

And in his heart, he realized he never had a crush on Desi. Nothing so mundane. He was only ever in love with her.

In chapter 14 of Mindframe, we revisit Marcellus Ball. The day after his successful opening night of Hamlet, the theater’s owner has made a sudden decision about what comes next. In the meantime, he has a decision to make about Desi. Time is running out before she moves to New York, and though Erwin and Barca want Marcellus to make a move, he seems incapable. What is next for the theater on Echo Street? How do Erwin and Barca try to change Marcellus’ mind? What does it have to do with LL Cool J? Will he call Desi? You’ll have to listed in to find out what happens next as Marcellus tries to find love.