Chapter 20: Marcellus Ball

MindFrame Podcast
Chapter 20: Marcellus Ball

This darkness would drift over Desi lately. She was hiding something, keeping an emotion deep inside of her like she did. She paused and shifted to her back and stared up into the darkness. Marcellus laid his head against her breast, the perfect place, and heard her heart beat. It was a heavier sound than he anticipated, a wet and tedious thing.

In Chapter 20 of The Mindframe Podcast, we revisit Marcellus Ball. In his last chapter, he and Desi finally had that kiss while she was soaked from her walk in the rain. Now, we find them a couple hours later. What has transpired since then? What dark thing does Desi desperately try to communicate to Grim? What happens when his two attendants show up? You’ll have to listen to find out!