Chapter 25: Teddy

MindFrame Podcast
Chapter 25: Teddy

“It was hard for me to remember my life before the Mindframe. Or to be honest, it was hard to forget the Mindframe itself. Every boom I heard was a gunshot. And realized I didn’t ever want to go back. I was tired of combat…and The Delta Messenger agreed.”

On this episode of Mindframe, we return to the story of Teddy, but we see a very different Theodore Brown and a very different time frame. After being let loose of Barbeau’s Mindframe in the previous chapter, Teddy is now free to remember his past, and we begin to see the path that led him from the academy back on Earth to being a Framer. We jump back almost two decades in his life to see a simpler time, but connections with Teddy and some other characters we’ve met before may just make the mystery deepen.