Chapter Eleven: Josephine

MindFrame Podcast
Chapter Eleven: Josephine

The lights flickered on and off suddenly as if there were a power surge, and in the pulses of light, her dogs weren’t dogs. They were some horrible chitonous thing. Their bodies were segmented like a pill bug, but shiny black like a new car or an inverted storm trooper. Up their back was a jagged mohawk of ebony shine, and their under belly was a writhing mass of what looked like long fingers wearing wet, black latex gloves.

In Chapter ten of Mindframe, we revisit Josephine living out her life of rebuilding up in the old hotel. As the nearby lake gets ready to freeze and a massive storm approaches, she and her two dogs have a pleasant day down at Lake Ikunga while they still can. Back inside the Old Dame, they are in for a surprise. Either Josephine is finally going mad, or the things that occur in the darkness of the old hotel are truly unfathomable. Who exactly does she discover back inside the Dame? What strange task are they performing? What are the creatures she sees that terrify Josephine in the hallway? You don’t want to miss this episode!