Chapter One: Sit Down

MindFrame Podcast
Chapter One: Sit Down

On this “Sit Down” episode of the Mindframe Podcast, we relax and talk shop about Chapter One and the life of Josephine. As always, the Sit Down episodes are where our host Zach asks questions of Dave and Brent. The point is to help reveal some of the mysteries of the narrative as well as get insight on the writing process and the writer’s brain while we go. The other point is to have fun and a few laughs as we talk about a project we’ve all come to love. We hope you feel the love and have come to love it to.

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We hope you enjoy our conversation about Chapter 1, and remember, the Lariat is closing…

Our Questions:

-Is the split narrative/multiple time periods something you knew you would do from the beginning?

-Could you speak more to the nature and importance of the hotel?

-How do you structure the narratives? Do you write chapter to chapter? In other words, did you write all the Josephine chapters, then all the Teddy chapters? Or did you rotate between them all as you went forward?

-Characters seem to jump to different time periods. Is there anything you can tell us as to why or how this happens?

– I sense bits of what I once heard you term as post humanism. What would you define that as?

-There’s a lot of grief in this chapter. Many authors use their writing to process feelings about things that I can’t fully articulate in a simple sentence or two. Do you do the same?

-You can hear how your style changes between the different time periods. Was that intentional?