Chapter Seventeen: Teddy

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Chapter Seventeen: Teddy

Just ahead in the wide lawn between the tree line and the Old Dame was the Framing Chamber. Its pure white walls were seamless, no hint at a door. The purity of the thing made the fresh white snow seem like a muddy track on a construction site. There were eight more marines surrounding it. They weren’t marines from Desert Shield, however. They were Marines of the World Navy. Their leader saluted one of the men surrounding Teddy, and a conversation ensued.

Welcome to chapter 17 of Mindframe. Now that Mac has left, Teddy is ready to get on with his life, but Mac’s impact is larger than he’d like to imagine. What is the after effect of the mistrust that Mac sewed in Teddy about his secretary Kathy? Will Teddy leave the valley and move to the Old Dame full time to help Josephine finish construction? What strange events await Teddy at the old hotel up in the mountains? You’ll need to listen to find out!