Chapter Six: Josephine

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Chapter Six: Josephine

– The plane careened, engine on fire, and it ducked behind the endless maze of towers. There was a rumble in the ground, a horrible sound, a ball of fire in the distance as the jet crashed into something, likely a building, some blocks away. Then a new thing appeared in the sky. A craft, or a being, or a miniaturized storm cloud. It pulsed and varied in its shape like a squid, but it was metallic and black, ranging in size from a VW to a city bus. Jo thought she heard a faint clicking emanate from it as it morphed its shape and seemed to swim through the air. –

In Chapter six of Mindframe, we return to the Old Dame hotel with Josephine and her dogs. Months of construction have helped heal the Dame, but little has helped to heal Josephine. She is sleepless. She encounters an impossible war, and she tries to leave the hotel but meets with a bad encounter that perhaps only Teddy can help her with.