Interlude Two Part One

MindFrame Podcast
Interlude Two Part One

“And do you think the Alpha is actually sane still? Do you think any of the Messengers went through contact without being irrevocably changed?”

            “No. No, not a one. The messages change a person to their core, Josephine. It isn’t just that the alien dreams are incessant. It isn’t the things being sent down, the technical schemata or whatever. It’s the bridge across the middle. It’s the lack of footing, the vacancy of vertical and horizontal. It’s the vastness of the galaxy that separates us, intertwining with an utterly alien, foreign, and unrecognizable mind…”

In this Interlude of Mindframe, the woman named Josephine who is training to become something akin to a Messenger lives out a life in a psychic quarantine. As she lives in utter isolation—only seeing Feng, powerful man who trains her on behalf of the Alpha—she ponders why the alien dreams still have yet to come. Feng gives her some suggestions, and as with all first encounters with alien beings, things don’t go quite as expected. We hope you enjoy this Mindframe Holiday Special and look for part two when it drops.