Interlude Two Part Two

MindFrame Podcast
Interlude Two Part Two

Merry Christmas.

“And you have a choice to make, Josephine. That is ultimately the point of this. A terrible moment from your life yet to come where your decision and the decision of one other human eing will utterly rewrite the flow of your entire species. No pressure, though…” –The Sender

Now that Josephine has made contact with the alien intelligence she calls The Sender, she is off on a strange adventure through various times and locations. As The Sender shows her the world before and after WorldGov, he also shows her a disturbing version of her future. This episode of Mindframe concludes the second half of Interlude 2, and Josephine needs to use all of her resolve and training to make it through the night of Democracy 22nd Eve. We hope you enjoy this extra-long holiday special, but we warn you. It is not safe for work. Explicit language, depictions of violence, and racially charged language await within.