Prelude Two: Part One – Sheriff Hilt Burhan

MindFrame Podcast
MindFrame Podcast
Prelude Two: Part One - Sheriff Hilt Burhan

Hilt’s brain registered only four details about the men that were important. First, the man to his right was holding a sophisticated military shotgun. Second, the one to his left held a highly customized sidearm. Third, the one with the shotgun was raising his shoulders. Fourth, the one with the pistol was lowering his shoulders. This meant shotgun was ready to attack, and sidearm was surprised. So, shotgun.

On this episode of Mindframe, we enter the second portion of the story, one where questions are answers, and more are posed. This is the Prelude for Book II, in which we meet a new character, Sheriff Hilt Burhan. He is one of the most powerful men in all of WorldGov, and he’s heading up an investigation into a potential missing person. This investigation takes him to combat with Deviants, inside of a naval officer’s dreams, and half way around the solar system in his Black Diamond ship. Who is he investigating, and how is it a pivotal moment in the background of several of your favorite characters? You’ll have to listen to learn.