Prelude Two: Part Two – Sheriff Hilt Burhan

MindFrame Podcast
MindFrame Podcast
Prelude Two: Part Two - Sheriff Hilt Burhan

“Using this practice, we enter the dreams of a subject. The reason for this Dream Tap is to assist in especially difficult or tricky investigations. People’s memories are faulty at best. Witnesses lie, or are scared, or were so traumatized by what they witnessed that they can’t accurately recall things. In forensic dreaming, none of this is an obstacle. We enter the dream, interrogate them by creating the circumstance we want, and let them show us the truth.”  –Hilt Burhan

As Book II of Mindframe continues, we revisit Hilt Burhan as his investigation takes him to Commodore Nachayev, Claire Campana’s mentor, and his next lead in the investigation of Master Noah Feng. Together, they piece together many mysteries and move the investigation closer to a conclusion. This involves exploring the identity of the Deviant Messenger and talking about the second alien faction known as The Cincture. But first, they have to go through Josephine Wu, Mariel Barbeau, and Teddy Brown to get there!